I used to blog, sometimes, on blogspot. I’ve never been a great blogger. Blogging requires time and first of all… something to write. In addition I would like to write not in my native language, due to the fact, I think, that writing in English you can reach a greater audience, but… my English sucks and it is even more laborious to me to run a blog.

It’s been a long time since I would like to play with something on my own, without relaying on a blogging platform. Having not much time, running a blog on blogspot or wordpress, should require less efforts: no management of the underlying infrastructure, like operating system, database, etc. On the other hand, it is less engaging.

So I opted to switch to a self hosted blog. But, again, I prefeer to spend my time in something more important that blogging something that no one will care of, and most important, I don’t want to bother spending too much time upgrading a CMS and fighting with security issues related to the CMS, the DB, the language stack and so on. Then, in order to minimize such efforts, I opted for a static site. Not a ‘90 style web site, however, but by using Hugo, a static site generator. In this way, keeping the operating system up to date should be sufficient.