How to use the camera module on a Raspberry Pi 3 running Fedora 29?

Pretty simple. Upgrade the system.

Enable the camera module by adding this line in /boot/efi/config.txt, then reboot.

Once rebooted, load this module

Check if the device is in place.

You can load the module at boot time (need improvement)

Include your user in the video group, in order to avoid root or sudo

Let’s install some software (please note: there are a lot of dependencies here)

In order to test the camera, we can take a picture with fswebcam

In order to test streaming, we can use gstreamer

On the Raspberry Pi

And on your PC (the DST_IP)

Last note: I didn’t use an official RPi camera, but a camera bought for less than 10 euros on a famous e-commerce web site. However also the official camera was reported to work.