Three screens is all you need

To achieve main goal of expense tracking app - to record your expenses quickly and easily,
you don't need overloaded user interfaces with tens of features,
you need three simple screens: to add, view and analyse your spendings.

Expenses list

For the selected expense, panel becomes visible, where you can add note, change date or remove expense.

Press "filter" button, to select expenses with notes or filter by category.

Statistics & Export

At statistics view, you can see sum of all expenses for selected month, sum of expenses in individual categories and usage of your monthly budgets for individual categories.

You can set your budget for each category in the "Manage categories" settings.

For those of you who want to share expenses with others, there is "export" option with two supported formats: text and csv.


Easy Expense is available for free for Android 4.1 and up.

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Contact & Feedback

If you need any assistance with the application please use the form below. Easy Expense is still in development - every feature request and feedback is welcomed.

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