David Hayes


Niamh, Craig, Emma and Laura sitting at a table in McDonalds, Cahir. A blue tent is visible in a clearing surrounded by pine trees. Craig is standing in the background. A view along a hiking trail, with a sheep visible on the path, overlooked by pine trees.

Camping is one of David's favourite hobbies. His most recent trip was to Glenmalure in the Autumn of 2011.

David, along with four of his best friends, took the 3.5 hour drive from Cork to Wicklow, in a small Toyota, laden down with equipment. They stayed for two nights in a Coilte Forest. The video below contains just some of the footage shot on that weekend.

Heading out into the unknown, towards a mysterious spot on a map, just you against the world, what could be more fun than camping?

David is also very interested in bushcraft, the art of making the most out of what Mother Nature throws at you. Bushcraft includes such things as fire building, hunting, gathering food, purifying water and other things which will bring out your inner Bear Grylls.