David Hayes

Red Cross

David standing with Kevin, holding an Icelandic Red Cross Poster. Members of the Mallow Red Cross standing in front of their ambulance on a gravel road in the Ballyhoura Mountains

So What Is the Red Cross?

The International Red Cross, Red Crescent Movement is the world's largest humanitarian movement, with almost 97 million members. Founded in 1863 by Swiss businessman Jean-Henri Dunant, the Red Cross, Red Crescent strive to protect human life and health, to ensure respect for all human beings, and to prevent and alleviate human suffering, without any discrimination based on nationality, race, sex, religious beliefs, class or political opinions.

So What's Your Part David?

Well, at the moment I'm working on becomming an Emergency First Responder, making me qualified to administer various drugs, treat cardiac and spinal patients, as well as assist in child birth!

Much of my time with the Red Cross is spent training, or standing in mud at wet and windy events that we're providing ambulance cover for (like in the photos above). However, it's not all hard work, and we often hold social events, along with a variety of youth activities from the National Youth Forum to the award winning HIV/AIDS Awareness Programme. You can even get to travel the world, to exotic places such as Italy or Iceland!

Wait, You Went to Iceland?

That's right! Thanks to the Red Cross, I had the fantastic opportunity to travel to Iceland as part of the pioneering Youth on the Run project.

Youth on the Run is an immersive 24 hour experience that gives young people a look into the lives of refugees and asylum seekers. As one of the first Irish Youth on the Run Instructors I'll be helping to launch this project in Ireland in 2012.

Sounds amazing! Where Do I Sign Up?

You can find out how to locate your local branch on the Irish Red Cross webpage.

You can also donate to the Irish Red Cross to help us keep helping the people by clicking the "Donate" button.