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I have a Variax 500 electric guitar and a Vox Tonelab.

The first one is a modeling guitar, able to reproduce more or less a wide range of different guitars using a single instrument.

The second one is a modeling amplifier/cabinet/effects combo, similar in concept to the various Behringer V-AMPs, Line6 PODs, etc.

So for both we have a list of the real life counterparts they try to emulate, and they are obviously well described in the respective user's manual.

But after you read the manual once or twice, what you really need is probably a compact list of the emulated gear and the relevant settings you have to tweak.

So I made these two PDF I would like to share with you.

The one for the Variax lists the emulated guitars with a picture of the (hopefully) original instrument and the position of the rotary and pickup switches on the Variax that you have to dial in to match that sound.

The one for the Tonelab lists the emulated amplifiers with a picture of the (hopefully) original amp and the tipical position of the various knobs with some additional infos when appropriate.

Click on the image to download the relative PDF.

Variax 500 quick reference
Variax 500 quick reference (3 pages)
Vox Tonelab quick reference
Vox Tonelab quick reference (4 pages)