i2pdf (image to pdf) is a fast and compact application built to create Adobe PDF documents from a collection of images.

I use it to convert to PDF books, magazines, invoices, articles, and other documents I acquire with my scanner.

There are many similar programs out there, but the ones I tried were too big, too slow, too unstable (crashing when feeded with a lot of images) or too feature-rich for my needs.

So I wrote this for my personal use, as I wanted a light application, easy to use, and with a precise control over the final quality and size of the images stored inside the PDF.

Maybe it can be useful for you too and in that case you are welcome to use it.

In short, the basic usage of the program is as follow:

1. You drag and drop the images on the program window.

2. You click the Build PDF button.

3. You set the creation options accordingly to your needs and click OK.

Done !

i2pdf running on Windows 7
i2pdf on Windows 7

Some of the options
Some of the options

Written in PureBasic !
Written in PureBasic

i2pdf is available for both 32 and 64 bit systems.

Download i2pdf 32 bit (131,126 downloads).
Download i2pdf 64 bit (83,670 downloads).
Latest version is 1.0.46, released on Jul 18, 2014.
Development of i2pdf has stopped, only bug-fixing if required from now on but no new features.

Some notes about the installation of a portable program like i2pdf.

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Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.
Does not require installation, can be used as a portable application, does not tamper with your registry, does not contain malware.
Written in PureBasic. Bugs, suggestions, kind words ? E-mail me.