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UPDATE: Sep 24, 2010

The reseller ( gave me his answer.

They originally told me they would have emailed Art. Lebedev Studio, trying to get some keys from me.

At the time I told them "thanks" and that It would have been ok for me to pay for the keys if the "for free" option should have turned out as not possible.

Now, after three weeks of wait they replied that I'm on my own. No free keys, no option to buy the keys from them.

They said I could write to them again though, explaining the symptoms in detail (I did that in my first email to them) and they would forward all to Art. Lebedev Studio.

I don't know to what end. After three weeks I was expecting, at the worst, something like

"No free keys sorry, we got a couple of keys for you anyway as you requested, at xx $ each."

Maybe they were genuinely trying to help. Certainly in a very relaxed way and not in a hurry.

Anyway the result it's I lost three weeks for nothing.

So I decided to do what I should have done probably on day one.

I wrote to Art. Lebedev Studio, explaining all this.

Next update after their reply ...

UPDATE: Sep 24 - Sep 27, 2010

They replied the same day, asking me for some informations (serial number, reseller's name, some pictures of the problematic keys, etc.)

In the end they told me they will give me replacements for all the defective keys, free of charge.

I asked if it was possible to use a courier like UPS, DHL or something like that to be able to track the package up to my door, and I offered to pay for the shipping in that case.

They answered the shipment should be send from the United States, through normal USPS service, requiring about 2 weeks (excluding handling time, approximately 4 business days).

They also told me I should receive an email with the tracking number when shipped.

I'll update again if and when it will happen.

So for now I'm happy with the fact they replied promptly to my e-mails and their decision to replace the keys at no cost.

I'm a little less thrilled about the inability of having the keys shipped with a courier, to avoid the possibility of loosing the package along the way.

The tracking number they are talking about I'm pretty sure it will stop right at the USA borders. I live in Europe.

UPDATE: Oct 11, 2010

Two weeks are passed. No keys. No tracking number.

I just wrote to them again asking about the track number and to have an update.

You can see why I offered to pay for a courier of my choice.

UPDATE: Oct 11, 2010

Now I got the tracking number, the strange thing is it seem to be stucked in USA.

Is that possible ? I never used USPS before so I don't have previous experiences, look:

 Class: Priority Mail International Parcels
 Service(s): International Letter
 Status: Processed through Sort Facility

 Your item was processed through and left our JAMAICA, NY 11430 facility on September 30, 2010.
 The item is currently in transit to the destination.
 Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day.
 Please check again later.

 Detailed Results:
 - Processed through Sort Facility, September 30, 2010, 11:15 pm, JAMAICA, NY 11430
 - Electronic Shipping Info Received, September 27, 2010

Any idea about what does this means ? There were no changes in the last 11 days.

Is it still there or it has left the country ?

UPDATE: Oct 14, 2010

The answer is it has left the country, and the tracking above is therefore quite useless.

Finally the keys are here.

The package was stopped and take hostage by my local customs and I had to pay 10 Euro for the ransom (not Art Lebedev's fault).

My thanks to Art. Lebedev Studio for replacing them for free.