– Desktop Suite (for) (Free)BSD [metaproject]
– a live system for flash drives, based on FreeBSD®
– a mounting daemon for FreeBSD®
– a command-line client for DSBMD
– a Qt client for DSBMD
– a tabbed Qt mixer for FreeBSD®
– a Qt program that allows you to add commands to be executed at session start
– a device driver loading daemon for FreeBSD®
– a Qt battery monitor for FreeBSD®
– a Qt frontend to su(1)
DSBWrtSysctl – a FreeBSD® command-line tool to write variable=value pairs to /etc/sysctl.conf
– an easy to use, fast C library to identify the MIME type of files
– a Qt utility that lets you execute a command
– a Qt utility that allows you to leave your current window manager-session, reboot or shutdown your system.
– a simple Qt application to manage wallpapers, and to change your desktop background using feh.
– a program that turns a serial modem into a dialing machine
– a command line audio CD ripper written in Perl
– a program to change your DVD drive's region code under FreeBSD®
– a mail storage independent Email notification program
– a terminal to terminal communication program
– a command line tool that translates notes into guitar tablature notation