DSBMC is a Qt client for DSBMD. It runs in backgroud as a tray icon. If the user clicks the tray icon, or a USB storage device was added, or the media of a cardreader or optical storage device changed, DSBMC pops up. It allows you to mount, unmount, open media in a file manager, set the reading speed of a CD/DVD or play a CD/DVD. Further, it lets you open disk images.

The idea behind DSBMC is to separate the management of storage devices from the tasks of a file manager, in a window manger/desktop environment independent way. Thus, the user doesn't need to configure multiple, (admittedly exaggerated) weekly changing Linux®'ish subsystems.

Current Version


Release Notes


The following languages are available:


FreeBSD® ports

The preferred way is to use the FreeBSD® ports:
# cd /usr/ports/sysutils/dsbmc && make install distclean

Installation from source


Building from release code
# tar xf dsbmc-1.1.tgz && cd dsbmc-1.1 && qmake
# make && make install
Building from the latest GitHUB code
# git clone https://github.com/mrclksr/DSBMC.git
# cd DSBMC && qmake
# make && make install


Main window

Settings window


Download DSBMC