note2tab is a command line program that translates single notes and chords into guitar tablature notation.

Current Version



       note2tab - Translate notes into guitar tablature notation

       note2tab [-l][-k key][-s shift] [-c clef] [#|b|%]position ...

       note2tab translates single notes and chords into guitar tablature nota-
       tion.  A note is given by an optional accidental (#, b, or the  natural
       sign  %)  and  a vertical numeric position on the staff.  Position 1 is
       the undermost line, position 2 is the space above the  undermost  line,
       and  so forth.  Position 0 is the space below the undermost line, posi-
       tion -1 is the first ledger line below position 0,  and  so  forth.   A
       chord  is given by two or more different notes enclosed in (). Example:
       (-1 b1 b3)

       -l     Generate output in one line-format.

       -k key
              Defines the key. The key is given by a quoted string  consisting
              of '#'s or 'b's, each followed by a position on the staff. Exam-
              ple: "#6 #9" (b minor).

       -s shift
              Shift each note by shift halftones.

       -c clef
              Sets the clef. The clef can be g or f. By default clef is g.


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