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Netsurf GEM Alpha 0.3

Netsurf BrowserNew maintenance release of NetSurf for FreeMiNT with improved stability & speed:
Alpha 0.3  - 05.06.2011

 - fixed some redraw bug which was happening with some pages using CSS backrounds. 
 - Added hotlist ( bookmark ) treeview. No eyecandy at all, but it serves it purpose. 
 - Frontend now only redraws areas which where requested, previously 
   these areas got merged into one big rectangle.
 - Linked with an bug-fixed mintlib - this fixes 90% of reproducable 
   crashes caused by some pages. 
 - Improved rendering of internal font plotter.
 - Clipping seems to be almost clean now (except when Netsurf dialogs
   overlap the browser window) 
 - Some cleanups and bug fixes here and there, and of course, the changes 
   from the NetSurf core are within this release. 
  ( There where also some rendering improvements within netsurf )
- Improved speed by lowering the amount of interaction with NetSurf during page rendering. 

Download package:
Download executable compiled for m68020-60: ns020.prg.gz (gziped)

Addtional note for the m68020-60 binary:
This binary isn't necessary faster than the m68k release.
At least some rough tests with aranym didn't show up big differences, it even where slower sometimes.
Maybe that is caused by the emulator - so you are invited to test it with the real hardware.
Addtional note for both binaries:
There is a bug within keyboard handling within both releases. Some special chars are not recognized, like shift+up/down and special keys within the adress bar. This only affects usage comfort.
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