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cURL for the Firebee

FireBeeFirst alpha release of cURL ( and libcURL) for the Fireebee.

Note about this port, regarding the news published at
This is an fully working port, you don't need an proxy. It can directly access everything that the Network card can access. It's not the fault of the port when the network subsystem can't reach the internet via an gateway. However, as a BONUS you can configure cURL to use an proxy within your LAN, which makes it possible to access the internet - altough the networking subsystem of the FireBee doesn't support that.

Today I like to announce curl/libcurl for firetos.

It's one of the first useable networking tools for the firebee. (except the tools which come with firetos).

It's still a very basic setup, supported protocols: http, smtp, pop3. I only tested http - and it's fun to download files to your firebee with such an easy tool.

This release misses many things - for example no cookie support or https. There is not even a name resolver. So you just can pass IP to curl. ( like: curl -o

Another issue: It seems to run slow with pure fireTOS. Running with MiNT + console (toswin2, conholio) works fast & seems to be reliable. If you also want to test smtp functionality, just give it an try... Also, if you know a good shell for pure FireTOS - try curl with that. I would like to hear about the results.


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