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NetSurf 2.9 release

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NetSurf 2.9 release

This is the first real release version of NetSurf for Atari ( previous versions where development snapshots ).

Because it looks like there is some delay updating the NetSurf website, I'm release the version here on my page.

Atari specific changes (look into Changelog for all the changes:

    * Added context menu.
    * View source support.
    * Use favicon when iconified.
    * Removed unneeded frames handling code.
    * Fixed rectangle plotter.
    * Simplified status bar.
    * Improved download window.
    * Improved URL bar.
    * Fixed conversion from local encoding to UTF-8.
    * Improved scheduler.
    * Added save page support.
    * Added settings dialogue.
    * Enabled view source feature.
    * Added support for 8-bit displays.
    * Fixed scrolling of frames - it's now possible to keep the mouse depressed.
    * Linked against the following updated libraries:
      - curl-7.25.0
      - freetype-2.4.9
      - libpng-1.5.10
      - cflib for coldfire

Known Bugs:
   Same as in Version 2.8
    - Editing Hotlist item crashes with 68k and 060 version ( wrong clipping redraw / rectangle ) 





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