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Netsurf GEM Alpha 0.4

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New maintenance release of NetSurf 2.8 for FreeMiNT with improved stability & speed:


 - Fixed redraw of rectangle outlines.
 - Fixed redraw of Hotlist, looks better now.
 - Use netsurfs textarea implementation for URL, to reduce code size.
 - Fixed several redraw glitches.
 - Added a context menu, offering some handy functions.
 - NetSurf core now supports frames & iframes.
 - Debug rendering works now ( fixed redraw of rectangle outlines )
 - process commandline parameter w (width) / h (height) for default window size
 - improved mouse drag within treeview, browser win, toolbar.
 - Fixed file drop in frames
 - Implemented option dialog
 - Improved GUI speed by fixing throbber code.
 - Implemented "Save as" ( no improvements where made to core-functions ).
 - Implemented settings dialog

Known Bugs:

- "View Source" only works when the configured editor is already launched.
- Wrong redraw area when parts of the window move out of the screen area.
- Loading of saved pages fails because mime type of images/css isn't detected correctly 
  ( needs modification of core functions, or rename saved files to correct file types ) 


 Screenshot  Screenshot  Screenshot  Screenshot
 AltaVista Search  New tabbed settings Dialog  The hotlist window  Debug rendering for web development


Additional notes:

 - Please set executable flag after unpacking on ext2/minix partition

 - Make sure to set the cache size to a lower value when don't have so much RAM.


Download package including binaries for m68k, m68020-60 and coldfire here

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Netsurf GEM Alpha 0.4
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