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Grafx2 for ColdFire (official release - 19 October 2012)


 This is an maintenance release of Grafx2-4 for Coldfire, everyone is advised to updated.

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Grafx2 for ColdFire


Finally I've managed to patch SDL mousevents and so I can release Grafx2 for firebee :) (there was/is an regression in SDL regarding Mouse Move events)


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cURL for the Firebee

FireBeeFirst alpha release of cURL ( and libcURL) for the Fireebee.

Note about this port, regarding the news published at
This is an fully working port, you don't need an proxy. It can directly access everything that the Network card can access. It's not the fault of the port when the network subsystem can't reach the internet via an gateway. However, as a BONUS you can configure cURL to use an proxy within your LAN, which makes it possible to access the internet - altough the networking subsystem of the FireBee doesn't support that.

ColdBoot - Startup Manager for the Firebee.

FireBee- Features:

- Configurable timeout & Folder settings for: PRG,CPX,ACC
- Comfortable & fast console User interface.
- Up to 10 different Sets which can be selected by F1-10 keys.
- Change the startup order of your AUTO folder Programs.

Patching NVDI for the FireBee

FireBee0. Start up your FireBee into FireTOS
1. Install NVDI as usual
2. Remove cops.acc and reinstall XControl for the firebee. (if needed)
3. Rename all NVDI*.SYS Files to NVDI*.SYX (to be sure, it is also possible to keep NVDI8, NVDIH...)
4. Run this patch program:
NVDI Patch ( Coldfire version )
NVDI Patch ( m68k version )

Accessing FireBee dbug console

FireBeeAccessing the dbug console within firebee is pretty easy. Just get yourself an nullmodel cable and connect it to the first serial port. Now start putty and open a serial connection at 19200 Baud. Or just use minicom, for example, with these most basic parameters:
minicom -D /dev/ttyS0 -b 19200
now start up your firebee and your terminal should spit out what firebee sends to you: