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Startup Manager for the Firebee and other TOS compatibles

- Features:

- Configurable timeout & Folder settings for: PRG,CPX,ACC
- Comfortable & fast console User interface.
- Up to 10 different Sets which can be selected by F1-10 keys. 
- Change the startup order of your AUTO folder Programs. 
- Custom startup script for each Set (since version 0.2).
   Supported command: copy, echo, pause, set echo off/on (similar to DOS batch )
   Supported since 0.3: rewrite 


- Installation:

- Simply copy SBOOT.PRG into your AUTO folder
- press "C" for initial setup 
- move SBOOT.PRG to the top of program list.

- Keybindings:



Help:           Show this screen

Enter:          Toogle active/inactive

ESC/Q/q:        Continue boot / save changes

Shift+A:        Move file up

Shift+Y:        Move file down

Shift+F1-F10:   Save Set 1-10

F1-F10:         Load Set 1-10

C:              Configuration

D:              Delete current set

E:              Edit Script for current set 

S:              Save without exit


- Script Commands:

(optional parameters marked with *)

pause *message   -  waits for any keypress

echo *message    -  prints message to screen or just newline

set echo off     -  turn on/off verbose command output

copy src dst     -  copy file from source to destination

rewrite file needle replacement - Replace all occurences of "needle"
                                                            in file X with a string "replacement".
                                                            (this command is not case sensitive)

- Downloads:

Version 0.3 ( coldfire and m68k ) 

Version 0.2 ( coldfire and m68k ) (IMPORTANT LAST MINUTE NOTE: rename SBOOT68K.prg to SBOOT.PRG)

Version 0.1 ( coldfire only )



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Autor: Klaas Bijland am Friday, March 09 2012 @ 10:38 pm CET



What a nice program!!! I have tested it on Aranym but will test it soon on real harware Falcon and TT.


Thank you :)

Regards, Klaas Bijland The Netherlands.