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TIMECLIENT Version 1.4 

TIMECLIENT is a tool for TOS comaptibles.  
It's purpose is to receive the current time from a TIME server and set the system clock,
 according to the received data. 
This is not an NTP nor SNTP Client! 


that don't have a battery (or an empty one) to keep the system time, 
or for TOS Computers where the Time keeping isn't working as it should.  
The networking sources are borrowed from the highwire project.

Binaries for the following internet stacks are provided:   



The configuration file is read from the folder where TIMEC.PRG is located, 
if that fails it will look for TIMEC.CFG under  the bootdriver, 
e.g. A:TIMEC.PRG, if that also fails, it will look for C:TIMEC.CFG as an
last resort.

For an configuration dialog, simply drag the Config file onto the program:
   Drop config file on executable to edit

And the configuration dialog will show up:


Time Offset:  
This can act to configure summer / winter time, 
or when you are using an english Atart within the U.S. 
The adjustment is measured in hours.  

Startup delay:
This is usefull when TIMEC is used with Autostart methods and gives the 
networks drivers some time to be loaded before TIMEC tries to make a connection.  

The server, as a host name - direct input of an IP is not supported!  

Receive Timeout: 
If no data is received after this time, the tool stops waiting for Data and exits. 
This entry is measured in seconds.  

None = Silent update of system time.  
GEM = GEM Alert Box 
Console = Log text to standard output  


Abort: Aborts 

Test: Tries to make connection to the server, set's the system time and updates 
      the field "System time".

Save: Saves the configuration.

There lurks a bug in Tos, which resets the Date / Time when you want to read the
current date / time, it only happens when the NVBATTERY is empty. 
To fix the bug, you will need the tool TIMEKEEPER, which is included in the package.
Place the tool into your AUTO folder. 

Version 1.4

Older Versions:
Version 1.3

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