& TOS Software Ports

Update 27.07.2010: FreeMiNT Ports
Update 27.07.2010: ezXML for PureC

Netsurf Browser porting for Atari FreeMint

Update: 17.06.2015 Roadmap & Info page


Timec (TIME Client) is a small tool to connect to a time server and get the current time synced into your Atari, even with an empty Battery!
Should work with all internet stacks, but the package only contains compiled versions for MagicNet and Sting / Stik. Anyway, the source is included and prepared for other stacks.
Update 30.01.2010: Version 1.3: Added binary for the Iconnect stack!
Download Version 1.3
Download Version 1.2

Batch Downloader

This is an minimal download manager for GEM. Screenshot
Update 28.03.2010:Download Version 1.0


I'm trying to get into highwire development. Here I'm hosting some stuff that is maybe usefull if you want to develop, too.
Or if you want to use the newest Highwire version...
Download sting.ovl for HW 0.3.4 Beta X
Download cflib PL9 (header adjusted for compilation with HW)
Download other development libs / headers for PureC / HW (including MagicNet lib, Iconnect, sting and others! 1.8 MB)
Update 10.05.2010: Download Spidermonkey Java Script LIB / runtime (TTP) Javascript ported to TOS.
This is just an early PoC release, compiled for 68000 processor. Tested with 4MB Atari Mega ST.


Misc docs (Hardware manuals, Software, devel...)
I'm trying to bootleg some old pieces of software.
A bunch of code examples for the atari hardware access, including modern hardware additions (found on the web)
ResourceMaster 3.60 (registered, free) It seems that the original download is no longer available, so I make this tool available here.