Geo* is no more

For the past couple of years I used the wonderful geo* software by Rick Richardson for my Geocaching needs. I even wrote a small script around it. Unfortunately his homepage disappeared a couple of months ago and I could not reach him by email. If you are interested in seeing what it looked like, the page is preserved on The software itself is unfortunately not preserved in the archive.

Thanks a lot for your work Rick, so long and thanks for all the fish!


A Few Fixes

I noticed that the new dark colour scheme is perhaps a bit too dark so I brightened it up a bit. While doing so I reintroduced Charter as preferred font but do not ship it, so you either have it installed or not. It's not a big deal, the fallback is your default serif font. While playing with Charter I noticed that the underlining of header links looked like a strike through when using Charter. Not quite sure why that happens and I didn't bother to look far into it, so gone it is. I think it's clear enough what a link is without this fancy feature. Lastly the line spacing didn't look right to me and I discovered that I had made a mistake. I had specified it with the unit em where it should have been unitless. I hope this will result in better readable text.

Lastly I introduced a new page that is hidden from the menu. It is a list of my Childhood Games that resided on my Twitch page so far. It was always way too long to make sense on the Twitch page so I hope this is a better home now.


Dark Mode

I feel like switching everything to dark modes so I quickly implemented one for this blog as well. I haven't posted in years but oh well, enjoy!

On top of that I've decided to drop the custom WebFont for just whatever sans-style font you have configured. The previous font, Charter, was obscure enough that it would need to be downloaded by practically everyone, so I felt it wasn't worthwhile and I rather save HTTP calls.


Fan replacement and a new machine

About a week ago two ago my laptop's fan started to get loud. Real loud. Sometimes it didn't even start on boot, resulting in the message 'fan error'. I took that to mean that it is high time to replace it.

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Minor blog changes

My blog has been quiet for a while but during the last few days I've made some changes. Most importantly I have slightly improved my workflow. I created a small script for Geany to convert the Markdown files to HTML and display them in the browser at the press of a button. That however was still not satisfactory. A look into the repositories revealed ReText as a dedicated Markdown (and ReStructuredText) editor. I believe to have tried it last year, but AFAIR back then it just crashed and was unusable. This time around it seems to work relatively well. I can get a live preview, even with CSS applied. No crashes so far, but the optional Webkit renderer seems to have problems with some fonts.

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