Fan replacement and a new machine

About a week ago two ago my laptop's fan started to get loud. Real loud. Sometimes it didn't even start on boot, resulting in the message 'fan error'. I took that to mean that it is high time to replace it.

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Minor blog changes

My blog has been quiet for a while but during the last few days I've made some changes. Most importantly I have slightly improved my workflow. I created a small script for Geany to convert the Markdown files to HTML and display them in the browser at the press of a button. That however was still not satisfactory. A look into the repositories revealed ReText as a dedicated Markdown (and ReStructuredText) editor. I believe to have tried it last year, but AFAIR back then it just crashed and was unusable. This time around it seems to work relatively well. I can get a live preview, even with CSS applied. No crashes so far, but the optional Webkit renderer seems to have problems with some fonts.

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Improved web caching proposal

Many webmasters decide to load JS libraries and fonts from CDNs instead of hosting them locally. The primary benefit of loading popular JS libraries from popular CDNs is that browsers can cache them. Thus user likely have those libraries cached already after loading them once.

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A theoretical improvement to ransomware

Last night another ransomware called WCrypt hit the internet and made a big splash. It uses an old Windows bug that has been patched two months ago to spread in local networks. There's nothing special or interesting about it so far. What is interesting though is that it had a built-in kill switch. Correction: The "kill switch" was likely a sandbox detection mechanism. See this blog post by the guy who discovered it. A security researcher accidentally activated the kill switch by registering a domain he found in the code of the malware. I have never heard of such a kill switch before and it I got an idea.

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Making this blog look decent

This blog came with a default CSS file. It became obvious pretty quickly that it is not what the author of the blog software uses himself I used the default as a basis anyway and tweaked it to my liking. I took a fair bit of advice from the fantastic Butterick’s Practical Typography and more technical best practices from There were a number of things to consider and decisions to make.

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