Here you will find some resources related to Geocaching on Linux.

I personally use a Garmin GPSMAP 62s in conjunction with the very useful geo-* set of tools by Rick Richardson and my own simple script that helps with getting spoiler photos onto the Garmin device.

You can download my script here. (removed, should link to a repo once it's more user friendly, 2020-12-06).

It requires:

  1. Lua 5.1 or LuaJIT
  2. Lua File System

I am aware that writing this thing in bash would have been the obvious choice but I feel way more comfortable with Lua. Rewrite it if you wish. All essential information can be found in this article by Garmin.

The script should work with these Garmin devices:

  • Montana
  • Oregon x50
  • Dakota
  • GPSMAP 62/78 series
  • eTrex 20,30

Usage instructions can be found in the comment on top of the script, but basically all you need to do is run the appropriate geo-* commands, adjust the basedir in the script and run it. If you can use the geo-* tools you should have no trouble with this script.

I hope you find it useful. The script is released under the GPL, so feel free to modify it or send feedback. Have fun geocaching with spoiler photos.