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About this page

Hello and welcome. I use this page to list my themes, scripts and whatever I happened to write and need in the past. I put here a few of my mobile phone pictures too.

1. Logsend

Logsend is a Unix daemon for email notification of log file changes, having 3 different backends. It watches the log files and periodically mails you the additions (being able to filter them). Logsend comes with a dialog-based configuration tool, as well as a live monitor that allows the users to watch the changes in real time.

2. Themes

Here are some themes I created in order to make my life easier while working in different environments. (c) Some rights are reserved. All these themes are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.

3. Vuurmuur diagrams

Diagrams explaining the concepts introduced by vuurmuur.

4. Freetype2 rpm package (BCI enabled)

This is Freetype2 packaged for my own needs and having both the bytecode interpreter (BCI) and subpixel hinting enabled, to be used with rpm-based distros such as PCLinuxOS 2009. It helps if you need sharp fonts. (Download package).

5. Bash scripts

My collection of bash scripts.

Contact me

You can contact me by email at:, or over yahoo messenger: orveldv

I am NOT on Facebook. I am NOT on Skype.