MIDICLOCKDETECT Software by Serge D.
DESCRIPTION: ------------ MIDICLOCKDETECT can be used for diagnosing MIDI devices. The BPM rate of the real time MIDI clock signal is shown on screen. Start/Stop events are detected and the BPM rate is calculated every .625 seconds. DISCLAIMER: ----------- MIDICLOCKDETECT is free to use for non commercial purposes. If you use this utility creatively you are encouraged to let me know. If you use this utility regularly or professionally, please check how to obtain a license at www.midiclock.com. Keep in mind that you use this software at your own risk; any damage which might occur, in whatever form, is your own responsibility. DOWNLOAD: --------- Download from midiclock.com. TO INSTALL: ----------- Unzip MIDICLOCKDETECT.ZIP to a directory of your choice. Start MIDICLOCKDETECT.EXE (That's generally it). USAGE : ------- MIDICLOCKDETECT can be used to visualize the midi tempo from any sequencer/synth/midibox. Tip : You can do this using MIDIYoke. Connect MIDIYoke Junction 1 to the MIDICLOCKDETECT input. You can then connect multiple sequencers/synths (such as rebirth, ...) to MIDIYoke Junction 1 MIDI output. CONTACT INFO: ------------- You can get the latest version and contact info about MIDICLOCKDETECT from the www-site: http://www.midiclock.com HISTORY: -------- 1.00 17 April 2002 First Release. 1.01 11 November 2007 Device Combobox Adjusted ..... newer versions will be added at www.midiclock.com