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Welsh hobby composer and occasional writer Ffanci Silvain presents her work, including music, synthesizer patches, poems and other sound related material. All that is brought to you through a clean, accessible and transparent website. No fancy eyecandy, confusing web2.0 systems!

This is a private homepage with free material and focused only on the published art and technology. Nothing for sale, no commercial affiliations and no data gathering from the visitors. Be welcome and save and feel free to drop me a line about this site or the published material!

A big thank you goes to our kind landlord Sebastian, who has given us a cozy home to live in and a community, so we won't be alone. "Thank you for the free shell!" I am also grateful to all the open communities and the W3C for providing guidance and support. The net can be a kind place, if you find the right friends.

Contact me via e-mail. Take my name, silvain, the at and the hostname of my website, up to the de. I apologise for the inconvenience, but I don't like garbage mails. Or you can follow me on Twitter.