Change quote and reply format

From the 0.2.x version, this extension is totally different from the 0.1.x , but the aim is still to make better the format of the replied mails and now also a better choise of format in replies.
This new version modifies the reply header, inserting a header with this format:

---- Original message -----
Subject: something
Date: 01/01/2005

From the 0.4.1 version, ther'is also an option to add the CC field.
The extension works both with HTML messages and text plain ones. It should adapt to every localization.

From 0.6 version, you can customize reply headers in other ways, using the same fields and in a different way for messages and newsgroups.

From the 0.4 version, the extension gives another feature, the feature to reply to the mails in the same format (html or plain-text) of the original one, apart from the preferences in composing messages.
The reply format is the following:
- html mail --> reply in html;
- plain text mail --> reply in plain text;
- "alternative" mail (html + plain text) --> reply in the format choosen in the extension's preferences.
Moreover, you will have in the button "Reply" a new submenu from where you can always reply in html or plain text.
WARNING: this feature, with the IMAP accounts, works only for the folder that are used with the "offline" option. The option has no effect with NEWS accounts.

From the 0.4 version both features (extendend headers and reply format) must be enabled from "Tools" --> "Extensions" --> "Change quote and reply format" --> "Options", after the install.

How to use customized headers with the feature of reply in the same format of the original mail:
- put the customized header in the user.js file, with the right syntax (see this page);
- select "Customize header" in the extension's options panel;
- restart Thunderbird.

How to use customized headers for newsgroup with the extended header enabled in mails:
- Tools --> Extensions -> Change quote and reply format and click on "Options";
- from the panel, check the option to customize the newsgroup headers and click on "Edit" to set them.

- the extended headers work just with the emails, with this option, in the newsgroup will be insert a standard header or with a customized header, as explained above;
- the extended headers overwrite every customizing of the reply headers;
- the extension at the moment can't handle multiple replies with just one clic: so once installed, if you highligths more mails and you clic on "Reply", just the first mail will be replied;
- with IMAP accounts, the options to have the reply in the same format of the original message and to have the date in original format work just for folders downloaded for offline use.
- at the present, the extension is NOT compatbile with "Thunderbird Conversation" extension, this will be probably fixed in next update.

From 0.4.11 version you've also an option to reply stripping off the inline attachments (cfr. ).
From 0.5.5 version, you've also options to mark as read the message to which you reply and to close the message window when you reply.

Do you want the reply headers inside the quoting, fixed font for the headers or the forward headers like the ones given by this extension? Try the Quote and Compose Manager extension (version 0.2.6 or higher).

The extension has english, finnish, french, italian, german, japanese, dutch, slovak, serbian, svedish, russian, portoguese (brazilian) locales. If you are interested in traslating the extension in other languages, please do it through Babelzilla project.

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Changelog 0.7:
- support for HTML tags;
Changelog 0.7.1:
- fixed a bug about HTML tags;
Changelog 0.7.2:
- new implementation of HTML tags support;
- in extended header, the names of the headers are not anymore bold by default;
- fixed a bug about cursor;
- added help page, that was missing in some locales;
Changelog 0.7.3:
- fixed some minor bugs;
- support for HTML tags also for reply headers for newsgroups;
- fixed a bug about decoding CC recipients list with customized header (thanks to Wangyang Guo for his contribute);
Changelog 0.7.4:
- compatibility with Thunderbird 5;
- fixed some bugs;
- fixed a bug about HTML support;
- more options for customized date format;
Changelog 0.8.2:
- compatibility with Thunderbird 31;
- fixed a bug about the standard header;
- fixed some minor bugs;
Changelog 0.8.3:
- fixed some bugs in handling the eml files;
- fixed some minor bugs;
- new options for the headers custom format (thanks to Dmitry);
Changelog 0.8.4:
- fixed a bug in the hour format with the customized date format;
- fixed some bugs with Thunderbird 31;
Changelog 0.8.6:
- fixed a bug with square brackets in message body;
- fixed some bugs with timezones;
Changelog 0.8.7:
- compatibility with Thunderbird 45;
- fixed a bug;

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