This extension for Thunderbird gives you the possibility to edit the html code of the email you're writing.
To use this feature, click in the compose window on "Format" --> "Edit HTML".
The use is very easy; you must anyway remember that:
- to refresh the shown code, click on "Reload";
- it's not sure that Thunderbird supports all the methods and properties of HTML and CSS;
- it's not sure that the other email clients support HTML and CSS in the same way of Thunderbird.

New: from the 0.2 versione the panel with HTML code is integrated in the compose window; by default it is on the right with vertical orient, but you can have it also at the bottom, choosing this option in preferences of the extension.

Localized in italian, english and (thanks to Branislav Rozbora) slovak, (thanks to Sebastian Bartonek) german, (thanks to Gerardo Bueno) spanish.

From the 0.1.2 version the extension adds also a checkbox in Insert --> Image, to choose if you prefer insert the image as link or as attachment (this option is added by the extension just on Thunderbird 1.0-1.5, because it's available natively on Thunderbird 2-0).

Changelog 0.1.1 version:
- the EditHtml window is now resizable;
Changelog 0.1.2 version:
- improved the automatic close of the EditHtml window;
- checkbox to choose if you prefer inser the images as link or as attachment;
Changelog 0.1.3 version:
- fixed a bug about images checkbox on Thunderbird 1.5 or higher;
Changelog 0.1.4 version:
- compatible with Thunderbird 2;
- automatic update enabled;
Changelog 0.1.5 version:
- on Thundebird 2, the option about insert the image as link or as attachment is hidden, because it's available natively;
Changelog 0.2 version:
- possibility to modify by hand also the BODY tag;
- on Windows, the links are automatically corrected, when it's necessary;
- panel with HTML code integrated in the message compose window;
Changelog 0.2.1 version:
- better layout for HTML code;
Changelog 0.2.2 version:
- fixed some secondary bugs;
- compatibility with TB 3 (not fully tested);
Changelog 0.2.3 version:
- fixed incompatibility with "Tag toolbar";
- added a toolbar button;
- added spanish and german locale;
Changelog version:
- button can now be removed from toolbar;
Changelog version:
- compatibility with TB 3.1;
Changelog version:
- compatibility with TB 5;

Download EditHtml - version