This extension allows the user to change the messages in folders.

The editing features (changing headings only or the entire source code of the message) are accessible from the menu "Message" -> "HeaderToolsLite" or from the context menu in message panel.

The edit function of the entire source code should be used with caution, because a wrong change can cause problems in displaying all the messages in the folder. Moreover, it could work not properly with some characters and some encodings.

Options for extension:

- Put the original message to the Trash (default = true): the changes are made by creating a copy of the original message. This option controls whether the original message goes to the Trash folder, or is deleted.

- Forcing changes with IMAP accounts (default = true): some IMAP servers, such as Gmail, do not accept changes if some basic headers (date, sender, the message id, object) are not modified . With this option enabled, the changes are forced by changing the date of the message of 1 second.

- Add the header X-HeaderToolsLite (default = false): by enabling this option, every time a change is adding a header that describes the type of change and its time and date.

- Maximum number of character to display when you edit full source (default = 150.000): on slow pc, displaying the full source of very big messages can hang the machine for a while and is often useless, so this preference limits the number of characters displayed. The value -1 means "no limit".

- Keyboard shortcuts: they are disabled by default.

Changelog 0.2 version:
- fixed a bug with multilines headers;
- better handling of not-ascii characters in editing full source;

Changelog 0.3 version:
- the field "Subject" is now the first of the list;
- added the field "Reply-To";
Changelog 0.4 version:
- ability to handle all encodings in editing full source;
- limit to number of character displayed when you edit full source;
- in editing full source, the cursor is now at beginning;
- the extension is available on A.M.O.
- fixed some minor bugs;
Changelog 0.4.1 version:
- fixed some minor bugs;
- added japanese locale (thanks to kiki);
Changelog 0.4.2 version:
- the extension can now handle properly also the headers all written in lower case;
Changelog 0.4.3 version:
- fixed some regressions with "Date" field and shortcuts;
Changelog 0.4.4 version:
- fixed a bug with some empty headers;
Changelog 0.5 version:
- new fields to change quickly the headers "Message-ID" and "References";
- fixed a bug that sometimes caused the duplication of the body of the message;
- compatibility with Seamonkey;
Changelog 0.5.1 version:
- the extension now works also with RSS feeds;
Changelog 0.5.2 version:
- access keys for the menu;
- the size of the window to edit the headers is now persistent;
Changelog 0.6 version:
- fixed a bug when the header to edit is the last one;
- more user friendly GUI for editing the date;
Changelog 0.6.1 version:
- fixed a regression when working with non-existant headers;

Download HeaderToolsLite - version 0.6.1

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