Incoming Addresses Collector

This extension allows you to add automatically the incoming messages addresses to the addressbook. This feature was present in Thunderbird 1.5, but it has been deleted in Thunderbird 2 (see bug 390763).

The extension restores it, with some improvments:
- addresses are not added if the message is marked as spam;
- you can choose folders where collect the addresses;
- it's possible to use a regular expression as condition;
- it's possible to collect addresses when you select message or when you receive it.

The extension is compatible with Thunderbird 1.5 - 2.0.0.*. Once installed, the extension must be enabled by preferences panel, from Tools --> Addons.

- collecting addresses on receving messages is an experimental feature and it could work not-properly. This feature should not be used on Thunderbird 1.5.

Changelog 0.2 version:
- possibility to insert a regular expression as condition;
- possibility to collect addresses when receiving messages (experimental);
Changelog 0.3 version:
- better code and some bugs fixed;
- compatibility with Thunderbird 3;
Changelog 0.3.1 version:
- compatibility with Thunderbird 3.1;
Changelog 0.3.2 version:
- compatibility with Thunderbird 9;
Changelog 0.3.3 version:
- compatibility with Thunderbird 14;

Download Incoming Addresses Collector - 0.3.3 version