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about this site

The primary purpose of this project is to learn about writing modern, easy to navigate and standards compliant web pages. With having accessibility considerations in mind I tried to make this an english based page although my native language is german. So please don't think too much about some mistakes here and there.

After reading this disclaimer like thing above you should now be informed about the site's secondary goal. It is - believe it or not - to inform every interested web user about my own person. Who would be interested? I really can't tell you. But who knows, eventually somebody just likes to waste time and really reads this. On the other hand you may find some useful stuff in the projects section.

Feel free to read on or leave this page for millions of others waiting to be visited. May the force be with you!

about me

quick info
  • my full name is Jörg Christoph Meyer
  • born September 1st, 1979
  • living in Germany, Thuringia
  • working at an eCommerce software company
  • Realschulabschluss (material graduation)
  • Technisches Abitur (technical abitur)
  • Informatikstudium (computer science study)
  • german as native language
  • english, learned in school
  • also tried to learn french in school, no real success
  • application software development under tomcat, unix, linux, windows
  • good knowledge of java, extended pascal; some skills in ada, c, asm
  • administration of gnu/linux, freebsd, windows based systems
  • web development via javascript/dom, jsp, php, css, html
  • years of experience in working with a wide range of hardware and software
  • things I forgot to mention here
  • programming, operating systems, computers -- should be clear so far
  • surfing the internet, check the links section for further details
  • reading books, although this mainly belongs to point one
  • thinking about politics, philosophy, communism and the world
  • hearing to what I believe is what can be called good music
  • driving around in my favorite muscle car
  • to be continued

contact me

in case of questions, ideas, bug reports or complaints send a mail to:

all these funny junk mails go to my second account: