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  • Sebastian Krajenski

    Sebastian Krajenski


    Senior Linux professional
    Ham operator (DJ4PK)

    I'm glad you found us. Look around, join and feel at home.

Welcome to has been serving as a non-profit service provider since September 19, 2002, marking two decades of existence. We consistently welcome new users to our platform, with a straightforward membership process facilitated through postcard-ware accounts. Our primary focus is on fostering anonymity, the free flow of information, and the promotion of freedom of speech. Additionally, we are committed to staying at the forefront of cryptographic advancements within the scope of our services.

To date, approximately 3000 individuals from across the globe have become part of our community by sending in postcards. Will you be the next addition? For your reference, my login on the system’s shell is “sk.” Feel free to reach out at any time.

The core objective of our system is to provide complimentary Linux shell accounts. These accounts grant access to a server running the Ubuntu Server OS, enabling remote logins and utilization for diverse purposes. However, this merely marks the inception of our offerings. Over time, our platform has evolved to incorporate an array of supplementary services and software, detailed in the table at the bottom of this page.

In its initial stages until the commencement of 2005, the project operated from a residence on a 384 kbit/s upstream line with a dynamic IP. As time progressed, the demands surpassed the capabilities of a residential DSL line and computer.

Let’s delve into the project’s evolution by highlighting some significant milestones:

→ Year 2002: The beginning. 

Machine: Pentium I (233 MHz), on my balcony. In summer, and in winter…
OS: Debian GNU/Linux 3.0
Bandwidth: 768 kbit/s downstream, 128 kbit/s upstream

   2002-2  2002-1
(Original pictures. Click for zoom.)

→ Year 2003: Relocation. System went inside. Slightly updated hardware.

Machine: Pentium III (550 MHz)
OS: Debian GNU/Linux 3.1
Bandwidth: 768 kbit/s downstream, 128 kbit/s upstream

(Original pictures. Click for zoom. The right one is the old logo/name of the project.)

→ Year 2005: Moved the system to Hetzner data center. New hardware.

Machine: AMD Athlon 3000+ (1.0 GB RAM, 160GB HDD)
OS: Debian GNU/Linux 3.1
Bandwidth: 100 MBit/s (duplex)

→ Year 2007: Moved to Strato data center

Machine: AMD Opteron 148 – 2.0 GB RAM – 160GB RAID1
OS: Debian GNU/Linux 4.0
Bandwidth: 100 MBit/s (duplex)

→ Year 2010
: Moved to Laxin data center

Machine: Intel Core2 – 4.0 GB RAM – 500GB RAID (Mirror)
OS: Debian GNU/Linux 6.0 (squeeze), 64 Bit
Bandwidth: 100 MBit/s (duplex)

→ Year 2016
: Hardware upgrade within the same data centre

Machine: Intel Xeon E3 – 32 GB ECC RAM
OS: Debian GNU/Linux 8.0 (Jessie), 64 Bit
Bandwidth: 1 Gbit/s (duplex)

→ Year 2021: Migration to a new server (hardware life-cycle and fresh base install) !

The detailed specs and services as of today are the following:

Operating systemUbuntu 20.04 LTS “focal fossa” with ESM and Livepatch
KernelLinux Kernel 5.4.0-xx (“/proc” with “hidepid=2” option)
CPUIntel Xeon (E-2176G)
HDD8.0 TB (RAID 1)
Quota (personal)20 GB in your home directory + 20 GB Owncloud space + MySQL
Personal resource limits (“ulimit -a”)150 max user processes, 1024 open files
WAN connectivity1 GBit/s bandwidth (full-duplex), IPV4 and IPV6 connectivity
DatabaseMySQL 8.0.xx (2 databases per user)
Server locationGermany
Backup conceptBackup + Backup-Copy (technology used: “Veeam Agent for Linux”)
E-Mail systemMTA is postfix / Mailbox is in “Maildir”-Format / Dovecot for IMAP
Groupware (optional)Kopano (Zarafa) is implemented here for ActiveSync, Calendaring, …
Personal “crontab” and “at” jobs?Yes
Background jobs (“screen”, “tmux”) ?Yes
Private TCP/UDP port, on requestYes
Account inactivity period?None. Your account with all the files remain forever.
Homepage URL (with PHP7, CGI, PY) (and
Missing programs on the shell ?Everything from official Ubuntu Repos will be installed on request !

→ Year 2022: 20th anniversary!