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  • Sebastian Krajenski

    Sebastian Krajenski


    Senior Linux professional
    Ham operator (DJ4PK)

    I'm glad you found us. Look around, join and feel at home.

Welcome to is a service provider since 2002-09-19. We are non-profit and survived more than 18 years. This service permanently accepts new users. Becoming a member is easy: the accounts are postcard-ware. This system focuses on anonymity, freedom of information and freedom of speech. We also try to provide the latest in cryptography regarding the services provided here. More than 2600  people from literally around the world already sent a postcard in. Are you  next? My login on the system is “sk” by the way.

The main purpose of this system is providing free Linux shell accounts. These are basically accounts on a server running Debian GNU/Linux to which you can login to remotely and make use of it for your own purposes. Until the beginning of 2005 the project was run from my home on a line with 384 kbit/s upstream and dynamic IP. Time went by and a home DSL-line didn’t match the needs anymore. Let’s see how the project evolved:

Year 2002: The beginning. An old Pentium I on the balcony – In summer and in winter…

   2002-2  2002-1

Year 2003
: Relocation. System went inside. Slightly updated hardware.


Year 2005: Outsorced the system to Hetzner data center.
Year 2007: Moved to Strato data center.
Year 2010: Moved to Laxin data center, where the system still resides.
Year 2016: Big hardware upgrade within the same data centre.