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Sebastian Krajenski
Sulzgrieser Str. 112
73733 Esslingen
Phone/SMS: +49-162-8741288 (emergency contact, not for tech-support)

PDF-Download: user manual
PDF-Download: terms and conditions
PDF-Download: data privacy statement

Technical support: web contact form

The SSH „fingerprint-set“ of the system is:

Old-style notation:
3072 MD5:d1:0d:d2:cc:a1:fa:3b:f6:28:cc:c8:c6:49:76:8b:e7 (RSA)
256 MD5:f0:7a:cd:56:94:a8:41:55:0e:c9:df:91:dd:a6:10:a4 (ED25519)
256 MD5:4a:0f:b4:89:c2:8b:3a:86:01:19:83:79:d0:80:c3:50 (ECDSA)

New-style notation:
3072 SHA256:pDFR0atCakVtmZProASRXRGq2aXyKxW6KMx8F6gZtvE (RSA)
256 SHA256:ZqpqRZyzAnlwjFFbycMVmZVJIUQ7NQVindfsuTLU37A (ECDSA)
256 SHA256:/uazD/Cfo+SC9/3JgsIWkbKvev0MP5ikNUficvU7KJk (ED25519)
Please always check those when first connecting from a new computer.

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