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    Don't do anything bad. No illegal activity that could result in trouble for you or me. This system is shared among 3000 people from literally all over the world. Treat them with respect and use the available resources thoughtful.

    What you get in return is access to this system, services and ressources:



    Operating system

    Ubuntu 20.04 LTS "focal fossa" with ESM and Livepatch


    Linux Kernel 5.4.0-xx ("/proc" with "hidepid=2" option)


    Intel Xeon (E-2176G)


    64 GB ECC


    8.0 TB (RAID 1)

    Quota (personal)

    20 GB in your home directory + 20 GB Owncloud space + MySQL

    Personal resource limits ("ulimit -a")

    150 max user processes, 1024 open files

    WAN connectivity

    1 GBit/s bandwidth (full-duplex), IPV4 and IPV6 connectivity


    MySQL 8.0.xx (2 databases per user)

    Server location


    Backup concept

    Backup + Backup-Copy (technology used: "Veeam Agent for Linux")

    E-Mail system

    MTA is postfix / Mailbox is in "Maildir"-Format / Dovecot for IMAP

    Groupware (optional)

    Kopano (Zarafa) is implemented here for ActiveSync, Calendaring, ...

    Personal "crontab" and "at" jobs?


    Background jobs ("screen", "tmux") ?


    Private TCP/UDP port, on request


    Account inactivity period?

    None. Your account with all the files remain forever.

    Homepage URL (with PHP7, CGI, PY) (and

    Missing programs on the shell ?

    Everything from official Ubuntu Repos will be installed on request !