Easy multitrack recording with Ecasound

Thu, 25 Dec 2014


Convenient multitrack audio production

  • Simple setup for recording, playback, effects processing and mixdown.

  • Multiple WAV files (aka takes) for each track.

  • Non-destructive processing

Advanced functionality

  • Mastering mode with signal paths for low, mid-range and high bands

  • Time shifting of tracks and track regions

  • Track caching/freezing/bouncing to reduce CPU usage with long effects chains and large projects

  • Buses

  • Inserts

  • Submixes (aux sends)

JACK and ALSA support

  • Basic functions operate under both JACK and ALSA

  • Manual or automatic JACK client connections

  • Ladish Level 1 session handling support

Plugin support

  • LADSPA and LV2 plugins

  • Ecasound chain operators, presets and controllers

  • New plugins and presets are automatically detected.

  • Plugins are queried for parameter ranges and default settings

  • Linear and logarithmic scaling for parameter sliders

  • Effect chains (multieffect presets)

  • Effect profiles (multitrack presets)


  • One mixer window for transport controls, track settings, and project load/save

  • One effects window

  • Includes command prompt in terminal window

  • No dialog boxes considered a feature

  • Avoids window-overload syndrome

Full-featured Text UI

  • Text interface based on grammar and recursive descent parser

  • Economical command language. sax vol + 10 does what one would expect.

  • Commands can apply to several tracks at once:

    for piano guitar; vol - 20

  • Tracks can be grouped in bunches

    bunch strings violins violas cellos bass

    for strings; pan + 5

  • A single modify_effect command can adjust multiple effects and/or multiple parameters

  • Tab-completion of commands, plugin labels, and project names

  • Command prompt executes Nama commands, Ecasound interactive mode commands, shell commands, and Perl code

  • Command history

  • Suitable for console users, and for remote or headless systems

Help system

  • help by command category

  • search for commands by name, partial name or shortcut

  • search for effects by keywords, effect label or LADSPA index


  • Signal processing is performed by Ecasound, a mature, stable and respected multitrack audio processing engine.

  • Ecasound chain setups can be inspected prior to recording runs to verify signal routing and audio format parameters.

  • Project state is stored in JSON, a legible file format


  • No graphic waveform display at the moment.

  • Text commands needed to access some functions.

  • Signal routing changes require stopping the engine.

  • Compensation for latencies associated with effects and loop devices in signal paths is planned.