Easy multitrack recording with Ecasound

Sun, 27 Dec 2009

Future developments

Most people will go to an application like Ardour for professional-level audio production needs, so Nama's development will be driven by user needs, and by any developer contributions.

Nama could potentially do a lot more. Here are some ideas I have floating around.

  • Latency compensation

  • MIDI integration

  • Time-based effects processing

    Ecasound already has some envelope processing. It would be nice to add the ability to record (and playback) realtime changes in effect parameters sent by MIDI, GUI and command inputs.

  • Graphic waveform display

    An interesting project, though a bit more than I personally want to take on at the moment. And not strictly necessary. After all, audio production is first and foremost about listening.

  • Better-looking GUI library

    Learning about GTK or WxWidget would be fun. Recoding Nama's GUI will be a pretty big job, or perhaps a fun summer project.