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Ingo D. Rullhusen was born in Bremen , Germany, in 1970. He received the intermediate diploma of electrical engineering in 1992, and the diploma degree (Dipl.-Ing.) of electrical engineering in 1995, both from the University of Bremen , Germany. Since 1995, he has been with the Institut für Telekommunikation und Hochfrequenztechnik (ITH) at the University of Bremen , Germany, where he was working towards the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering (Dr.-Ing.). In 1998 he received the intermediate diploma of industrial engineering from the Open University of Hagen , Germany. He received the former mentioned Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering (Dr.-Ing.) from the University of Bremen in the end of 1999. In the autumn of 2002 he got the diploma degree of industrial engineering (Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing.) from the Open University of Hagen.

His current research interests include physical modelling, simulation in electromagnetics, software defined radio, and others.


The approved Ph.D. thesis was published as:

Rullhusen, Ingo D.:
Hybride Finite-Elemente-Integralgleichungsmethode im Ortsbereich zur flexiblen Berechnung dreidimensionaler Strukturen der Antennen- und MMIC-Technik,
297 S. - 14,5 × 20,5 cm,
Preis: 40,50 Eur-D,
ISBN: 3-89722-382-1,
Logos Berlin,
Erscheinungdatum: 2000,
Errata dissertationis.


Rullhusen, I.; Arndt, F.:
MLFMA Analysis of Coupled Rectangular Apertures,
JINA, Journées Internationales de Nice sur les Antennes, Conf. Digest, Nice,
vol. 1, pp. 459-462, Nov. 2002, ISSN 1168-3848.
Rullhusen, I.; Arndt, F.:
MLFMA Analysis of Finite Aperture Arrays Including Reflector,
IEEE Society International Conference on Antennas and Propagation,
vol. 4, pp. 23-26, June 22-27, 2003, ISBN 0-7803-7846-6.
Rullhusen, I.; Arndt, F.:
Efficient MLFMA Analysis of Coupled Rectangular and Circular Apertures in a Finite Screen,
Microwave Symposium Digest, 2003 IEEE MTT-S International,
vol. 3, pp. 1971-1974, June 8-13, 2003, ISSN 0149-645X.
Arndt, F.; Catina, A.; Enneking, A.; Rullhusen, I.; Brandt, J.:
Efficient Hybrid MM/FE/MoM Analysis of Horn and Slot Arrays,
Proceedings 19th Annual Review of Progress in Applied Compuational Electromagnetics (ACES),
pp. 472-477, March 2003, Monterey, Calif., CD-ROM.
Rullhusen, I.; Arndt, F.:
AIM Analysis of Slot Arrays,
Proceedings of the International Conference on Electromagnetics in Advanced Applications (ICEAA '03),
pp. 321-324, Sept. 8-12, 2003, Torino, Italy, ISBN 88-8202-008-8.
Arndt, F.; Brandt, J.; Catina, V.; Ritter, J.; Rullhusen, I.; Dauelsberg, J.; Hilgefort, U.; Wessel, W.:
Fast CAD and Optimization of Waveguide Components and Aperture Antennas by Hybrid MM/FE/MoM/FD Methods -- State-of-the-Art and Recent Advances,
IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques,
vol. 52, no. 1, pp. 292-305, Jan. 2004, ISSN 0018-9480.
Rullhusen, Ingo; Arndt, Fritz:
Analyse efficace et précise de réseaux réfléchissants par la méthode intégrale adaptative,
Revue de l'électricité et de l'électronique, REE,
no. 6/7, pp. 40-43, June/July 2005, ISSN 1265-6534.

Several works:

"Berechnung von Rundhornstrahlern mittels der Momentenmethode" (project thesis EE)

"Feldtheoretisch strenge Charakterisierung mehrfach geschichteter, mikrostreifengespeister Aperturantennen im Ortsbereich" (diploma thesis EE)

"Lösung der Maxwellschen Gleichungen im Zeitbereich mittels der Multi-Skalen-Analyse" (third-party funds project)

"Probabilistische Wissensrepräsentation mittels Bayes-Netzen" (project thesis IE)

"Der Variable-Size-Simplex-Algorithmus mit Straffunktion zur Lösung restringierter Optimierungsprobleme" (diploma thesis IE, see libvssa)

"Effizientes feldtheoretisch strenges Verfahren zur Berechnung der Strahlungseigenschaften gekoppelter Aperturstrahler bestehend aus Rechteck- und Rundhohlleiter-Elementen" (DFG: Ar 138/22-2, see MLfmmC)

A volvelle with sun, moon, and dragon pointer for the visualization of sun-moon-earth constellations.

A 177 kHz down-converter to receive long wave (e.g. station "DKULTUR") AM/DRM with the Dream software via PC sound card.

A clock generator based on 74LS624 as Arduino Leonardo shield.

A direct digital synthesizer based on AD9833 as Arduino Leonardo shield.

A PLL clock generator based on ADF4360-9 as Arduino Leonardo shield used by an iq mixer.

A DC capable A/D converter with up to 384kSps/2ch/16bit based on AD7655 for using via ALSA system on an ARM/
Olimex OLinuXino-MICRO board running Linux.

A DCF77 receiver for the A/D converter and ARM/Olimex OLinuXino-MICRO board running Linux.

A parallel (IEEE 1284) USB adapter based on Teensy 2.0 microcontroller board emulating the Lucent USS-720 chip for using its Linux drivers.


makeqt: generates quicktime .mov file from a sequence of .ppm files via quicktime4linux library or openquicktime library.

QTdivx: module for using divx encoder and decoder with quicktime4linux, broadcast2000, and xmovie.

OQTdivx: module for using divx encoder and decoder with openquicktime library.

WaitCyl: calculates 2D radar cross section of a circular cylinder.

libvssa: library for constrained optimization via the variable size simplex algorithm (see diploma thesis IE).

MLfmmC: calculates the radar cross section (RCS) of a metallic body via combined field integral equation (CFIE) using the multilevel fast multipole method (MLFMM, see DFG: Ar 138/22-2).

wav_to_tap2: converts a YAPE readable wav file into a tap version 2 file also readable by VICE.

cbm_math: library for using internal floating point routines of Commodore Plus/4 together with the CC65 C compiler.

t64_list: lists the contents of a t64 file.

micsim: emulator for the 4 bit computer Busch microtronic 2090.

msh2off: a converter for gmsh msh files to geomview off files.

gANTlab: GNU antenna laboratory; a modular AIM based program for scattering and radiation calculation; extendable with dynamically linked external modules and Qt 3.3 GUI.

Modules for gANTlab:

WireModule: module for wires,
LoopTreeModule: module for conducting surfaces, represented by RWG basis functions in loop-tree decomposition,
DielectricModule: module for dielectric bodies using VEFIE.

repair_ogg_vorbis: a tool to repair broken ogg vorbis files (e.g. ripped streams); it recalculates the granulepos, can modify some header entries, and generates an EOS without changing the original vorbis bitstream. Only the ogg container will be changed.

NEplanetarium: integrates the planetary N-body problem with Newtonian gravity and Eulerian gyro equations for finite bodies, angular momentum of gravity and the potential of gravitation are approximated to an order of (r'/R)^2 on the base of moments of inertia of a main planes symmetric body; calculations are done by MPFR library for maximum precision.

HVXC4Dream: patches for Dream to dump out HVXC frames and a tool to convert the DRM dump file to plain HVXC in fl4 format for decoding with "mp4audec".

readPTdata: reads display data from PeakTech 2170 LCR meter via USB interface and prints it to the standard output on a Linux box.

arduino_usb_audio: proof of concept for using Arduino Leonardo as an USB audio device.

cvbsctl-sunxi: a control module for quality tuning of analog video (CVBS) signal of the ARM/Olimex OLinuXino-MICRO board running Linux.

dcfdecode: a DCF77 radio clock decoder for the DCF77 receiver.

dcfencode: generates a DCF77 signal straight out of an ALSA 192k sound card output.

GrRDS: out of tree module for radio data system decoding with GNU Radio/RTL2832U running on an ARM/Olimex OLinuXino-MICRO board with Linux.

GrDABparts: out of tree module for digital audio broadcast (DAB+) demodulation and decoding with GNU Radio (RTL2832U or SDRplay) running partially on an ARM/Olimex OLinuXino-MICRO board or in realtime on an Intel Core i3 with Linux.

tfk_RT_200: firmware for the Teensy++ 2.0 (Atmel AT90USB1286) microcontroller board to replace the Matsushita MN1455LF microcontroller in the TELEFUNKEN RT 200 hifi-tuner.

FreeRTOS_BPI-M3: a FreeRTOS port for the Banana Pi M3 board with the eight core Allwinner A83T ARM Cortex-A7 processor. It uses a separate scheduler for every core and boots over the ethernet connection with the U-Boot boot loader in a dual boot approach in conjunction with Linux.

SoapyDJX11: a plugin for SoapySDR to operate the Alinco DJ-X11E wide band communication receiver as an IQ signal source device and to control it with a PC.

GrDVBparts: out of tree module for digital video broadcast terrestrial (DVB-T2) demodulation and decoding with GNU Radio using the SDRplay and running in realtime (for stations in QPSK mode) on an Intel Core i7 with Linux.

A Linux kernel patch (4.19, 5.15) for the ASUS notebook P2520L to change the wireless LED from plane to rf mode.

A Linux kernel patch (4.19, 5.15) for the ASUS notebook P2520L (conexant chipset) to fix the missing system beep.

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